CTV Morning Live - Cover That Sunburn!

Oh boy - have we been blessed with some amazing weather this past long weekend! So what happens if you indulged a bit too much, and maybe weren't so liberal with the sunscreen? Here are some steps to get your skin back in good shape if it's been stressed out by all that sunshine!

Here is the video, this morning on CTV Morning Live with Melissa Lamb : Cover That Sunburn

First things first - let's take care of all that's happened to that poor skin! Sunburned skin can be quite painful, turn an unsightly pink, red (or even purplish, depending on the severity), lead to flaking, dehydration and mucho peeling.


So let's add some much needed hydration back in! First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery does just that - almost a serum type product, but most definitely a concentrated water base, this unique product adds intense hydration to the skin, as well as calms and soothes stressed skin, helping to repair damage resulted by environmental stressors. The sun is definitely one of those! [ETA : after a bit of research, it is clear that this is a miracle product given the reviews I've read - but it's also being discontinued by the company :( totally bummed! I will covet mine and highly recommend checking our your local Sephora to see if they still have it in stock. Their Anti-Redness Serum looks like a good second bet with Aloe in it!)


Another great product from First Aid Beauty is their Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 40 - love this because it's a physical sunscreen, not chemical. This provides great moisture, while loaded with skin soothing ingredients such as Colloidal Oatmeal, which is awesome on tender skin.

I gave a good explanation of the difference on the segment, but for more reasons than the fact that a physical sunscreen prevents the sun's rays from even coming close to your skin, they are just better tolerated than chemical sunscreens. A lot of people can break out from chemical versions, or have reactions at the very least, whereas physical sunscreens are great for sensitive skin. 


Next up - colour correctors! Let's dial it back to colour theory, and break out the ol' trusty colour wheel.

Opposite of red on the colour wheel is green, hence the green colour corrector recommendation. Because we are placing the green corrector on top of the sunburn, this will do a good job at cancelling out the colour (if it were placed next to the sunburn, it would likely intensify it!). For this, we used Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Redness Control. Also, you can achieve similar results using a yellow corrector - so if green isn't working, or it's sold out in your preferred product, go ahead and use yellow! After you're done with the light colour correction, you will need to bring life and colour back to the skin with a good concealer and/or foundation. Your work isn't done just yet!

Now, don't go wild on this part - I feel with a really good foundation you may be able to skip this altogether. 


This next step is pretty much the main player in covering up your sunburn - a good coverage foundation! I absolutely love Estée Lauder Double Wear because it coverage is incredible (medium, buildable), it looks super natural on, 15 hour wear and can withstand heat and humidity! When you've got a burn, sometimes it wants to roast and melt your foundation off your skin - won't happen with this one! If original EL Double Wear is just too much coverage for you, try Double Wear Light - it's heavenly on almost all skin types!


Last but not least, you'll want to add a bit of sunkissed glow back into your once overly rosy skin. Using a matter bronzer like MAC Cosmetics' Matte Bronze Bronzer will add that perfectly tanned hue to your skin, without drawing out the redness. I'd personally avoid anything with shimmer as this might undo a lot of your work of trying to cover the burn up in the first place!


This week in Ottawa we are expecting some pretty hot and sunny days, so grab a sun hat, slater on some good sunblock and enjoy the sunshine! 

YouTube - Adele Inspired Makeup

I know, I know... Lots of Adele nowadays. She has an amazing voice, and one other thing is for certain - her makeup is always flawless thanks to her makeup artist, Michael Ashton. Seriously, he is wonderful, and if you've ever admired Adele's makeup, you know what a genius he is. I'm always asked why I don't do YouTube tutorials, and to be honest, it always comes down to one thing... time! Being a full time business owner and makeup artist, having two small children, working on a charity committee, all the while trying to keep my sanity and run a household...ah! The amount of time, work, energy, editing, lighting, equipment expense required, I'd seriously have to go all in or not do it at all. I don't like to do anything halfway ;)

That being said, I thought I'd hook up my first generation iPad mini and my Glamcor lighting and give it a go. Well, the results are meh - they are what they are. A quick idea in my head turned into filming, adjusting, editing, uploading, editing again, trying to get the product titles to stay put, editing... well, you get the picture.

My first attempt ain't perfect - in fact, it's pretty far from it. But I've always had the 'gift of gab' so really, if my equipment was set up properly, it might take care of most of those issues (since I'm not editing because of messing up information - I'm actually giving TOO much information and need to trim it down to the required 15 mins YouTube rule!).

Please don't judge...well, not too much at least. Here she is!


The product titles only worked for about half of the products (*sigh*), so I will list them all below:


Foundation - Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless in shades 110 & 130

Concealer - Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Light

Powder - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Contour - MAC Taupe Powder Blush

Blush - MAC Pinch O' Peach Sheertone Blush


Primer - Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, then e.l.f. Eyelid Primer in Sheer on top as I find it 'grabs' the shadow better

Lid - Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean, then used MAC Vanilla on top for added brightness (could use just MAC Vanilla)

Brow Highlight - Makeup Geek Sweet Dreams Pigment

Crease - Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, Cupcake and Bedrock

Liner - Essence Eyeliner Pen (the waterproof version is ah-mazing too!)

Mascara - Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes (NB - anyone that knows me, knows I normally love Maybelline mascara, and I still do. I treated myself to this one on a recent trip to NYC and it's my absolute favourite right now...but sadly running out)

False Lashes - Ardell Demi Wispies (cut in half) applied with Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe in Black


Liner - Essence Lip Pencil in In The Nude

Lipstick - MAC Hue

Where to find:

Hourglass Cosmetics - Sephora

Charlotte Tilbury - Holt Renfrew

e.l.f. Cosmetics - Old Navy has the largest selection, or online at

Essence Cosmetics - Shoppers Drug Mart

Makeup Geek - online only at

Ardell False Lashes and Kiss Lash Adhesive - Walmart

As I mentioned in the tutorial, you could create this same look and feel using an array of different colours - it's more about the technique - soft cut crease, liquid liner, lashes and contour, that really make it Adele-esque!

CTV Morning Live - Makeup Spring Cleaning

Always wonder how long those shadows *really* are good for? Bought a new mascara a few months ago, but have only used it twice? Check out my segment on CTV Morning Live today as I talk to Lianne Laing and Melissa Lamb about expiration dates and when to purge your endless supply of makeup (yes, you have to…). Watch the video: CTV Morning Live -Makeup Spring Cleaning

Here's a handy list of how long products are good for, once they've been opened.


I mention "up to" as there are certain circumstances in which products may last shorter or slightly longer periods of time. If you've noticed that your products smells "off", or that powder you've been using for a while has a weird film across it, it's time to pitch it - no matter what the timeframe.  Cosmetics, especially liquid and emollient based, are an incredible breeding ground for bacteria - it can grow at an exponential rate and can lead to irritation, infections and even allergic reactions.

Most products are still not required to have an expiry date, but generally speaking, most products have a shelf stable life of 30-36 months (meaning, from production date, unopened). Here is a link to a super website called - it allows you to check out the batch code from your products, and tells you when it was made. The slight nerd in me finds this super interesting!  I have to admit, when I first stumbled across this site, I grabbed all of my makeup that was nearby and rung it through… aaaaaaaand then half of it hit the trash can! It's hard to keep track of what was purchased when, I hear that, says the makeup hoarder…

Another area that we don't tend to think about is the cleanliness of our makeup. We wash our clothes, our hair, our faces and bodies - but we never really think about how clean our makeup is. Imagine - it's the *only* thing we put on our bodies that we never wash ::shudder:: And really, I wouldn't use a dirty washcloth on my face, so why is makeup any different? There is a revolutionary product out on the market called Beauty So Clean, that was created by a top celebrity makeup artist in Toronto. Helps to keep your makeup & brushes sanitary and it's Canadian made? I like! They offer a few different products, including:


Conditioning Brush Cleanser - for cleaning your brushes,

keeping them fresh & conditioned

Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes - for lipsticks, lipglosses & mascaras

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mists - for powders, without ruining their finish

This link here shows all about bacteria and your makeup. I feel like I should say sorry and you're welcome in the same sentence here :D   If you'd like to try any Beauty So Clean products, use the promo code "beachparty" for an additional savings off of regular priced items at checkout.

So now that the spring finally seems to be trying to arrive, it's the perfect time to go through your makeup bags, add in some fresh new colours and products, clean up what you're keeping turf those older ones that have been kicking around for a little too long

CTV Morning Live : Innovative Beauty Products

Looking for the latest in revolutionary beauty products? Here are my five top choices in terms of innovative products that will help speed up your beauty routine! Watch the video:


Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection – Sephora, $19; a much needed addition to any mascara junkies’ makeup bag! This amazing serum is designed to bring the mascara that is on your lashes, back to life! Whether you’re going out at night and need to reapply a coat (or three:)), or simply fixing a morning makeup mishap, Mascara Resurrection allows you to go back and fix your lashes any way you see fit!

Dr. Dennis Gross Color Smart Cleanser & Mask – Sephora, $34; this unique product offers a two in one function – both a cleanser and a mask. But what’s really interesting is the fact that it changes colour when your skin is properly cleansed – a great little reminder to all of us to pay specific attention to all areas of the face (I’m guilty of spending most times on my cheeks… this cleanser told me so). Watch it go from pale yellow, to pale peach to dark peach when done.

Foreo Luna Mini – Sephora, $159; a new wave in sonic cleansing, the Luna mini offers a unique design and the best part – no costly replacement brush heads – what you get is all you need! The Luna Mini is able to be thoroughly washed and dried making it 35x cleaner than other sonic cleaning brush systems. It offers amazingly gentle exfoliation, which allows your own favourite skin care products to work so much more effectively. Another plus – one charge lasts approximately 300 uses!

Dove Dry Spray – Wal-Mart, $6; a game-changer in antiperspirants, this dry spray is just that… dry! Formulated without alcohol or water, this super sheer formula goes on instantly dry, so you can dress immediately after, or even while already dressed (I tried it, in black. It works!).

Living Proof Prime Style Extender – Sephora, $15 each 50ml size; primer for your skin, so why not your hair? This innovative line, best known for co-owner Jennifer Aniston and her gorgeous locks, came up with a great product that offers a weightless shield to the hair shaft that helps repel dirt and oil, therefore keeping your style for up to 2x longer. Available in both a cream (for all hair types) or spray (for fine hair).

CTV Morning Live : Ready in 5 Minutes

Watch the video:

No time in the morning? Kids always pulling at you as you’re trying to get that liner even and shadow blended? Here’s a quick and easy look that can be done in under FIVE minutes! Speedy makeup has to be my number one requested topic from my clients – more than that of a smokey eye – imagine!

First start with your game-players and have them in a separate makeup bag. Keeping yourself organized is the best way to speed up your routine in the morning. Here are a few of the products I used, and the additional ones are listed below:

CTV - quick beauty

Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew – Wal-Mart, $17; what’s that? I’ve already featured this? Sure have – cause it’s my FAVE! This is the original formula, which imparts more of a dewy glow than the previously mentioned, more matte, formula. Offers coverage, radiance and hydration – love!

L’Oréal Touche Magique in Rose Porcelain – Target, $11; the ultimate highlighting pen! Helps to correct, conceal, brighten, hydrate and smooth the under eye. Fantastic for highlighting other areas of the face. TIP: make sure to conceal the inner corner of the eye area, it’ll instantly perk up your peepers! (NB – the packaging is now like the photo posted above and is called Perfect Match – Touche Magique, the L’Oréal website has not updated their photo).

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin – Sephora, $24; a cult favourite by ALL makeup artists! Locks down your shadow and holds it in place for up to 24 hours (but don’t test that – wash off your makeup every night;)). Tiny amount goes a long way – simply smooth it all over the lid to even out tone and add a bit of shimmer.

MAC Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour in Keep It Loose –, $26 – multi-purpose product for cheeks and lips! Effortlessly swipe on colour for a dewy, fresh look with this cheerful peachy tone. For added pop, add a touch of Love Nectar Lustreglass on lips afterwards.

Maybelline the Rocket Volum’Express Mascara – Wal-Mart, $7 – all-time favourite mascara! Separates and creates defined volume – no clumps here! Just lush, full lashes. The BEST!

L’Oréal Super Liner Brow Artist in Blonde – Target, $10 – super convenient all-in-one brow product – colour, brush and seal all with one product. This is sure to save time in the morning – no more fumbling looking for 3 different products and tools.

CTV Morning Live : Winter Glow

Watch the video:

I was back on CTV Morning Live two weeks after my first appearance, talking about how to achieve a radiant glow to your skin in the dead of winter… something we can all use mid-January!

Here’s a picture of the products I used, and a description of their amazing qualities below!


RoC Soft Smoothing Scrub – Rexall, $18; I always tell my clients, your makeup will only look as good as the condition of the skin underneath it! First step would be to exfoliate all of those dead skin cells that our winter skin seems to hold on so tightly to. I love the RoC scrub because the microbeads are gentle on my sensitive skin. From there, I feel like my skin is refreshed and ready for my next step…moisturizer!

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil in Original and Light – Sephora, $24 – words cannot describe how much I love these oils. Having super sensitive skin, with an oil-rich t-zone, I can honestly say these oils have helped control sebum production in my problem areas. The worst thing you can do is to dry them out, as it will only make your skin produce more oil. Give your skin a bit of lovin’ with Argan oil and watch everything balance itself out! I like to use the Light in the day, as it’s a great base under makeup, and the Original formula at night for deeper hydration (and I use it on the ends of my hair and cuticles, too!).

Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew – Miracle Skin Perfector – Wal-Mart, $17 – hands down, my favourite foundation of 2014 and still into 2015 – this never happens! I grow tired of products easily, but this is my mainstay. Typically BB creams can be a bit sheerer, but I find the coverage of this one is flawless, and a bit of concealer in problem areas does the trick. I love the Oily/Combo formula much more than the Original. So many people have become hooked on this since I started recommending it…you must check it out!

MAC Bronzer in Golden –, $30 – a beautifully toned bronzer (read: not orange) and a perfect product to create that sun-kissed glow. Use it in a “C” or “3” shape along the face where the sun would naturally hit. For best results, use a large fluffy brush, such as MAC Cosmetics’ #138 Large Tapered Brush.

MAC Mineralize Blush in New Romance –, $32 – a perfect perky pinky-coral blush to add to the apples of the cheeks after your bronzer. Bronzer is alone is nice, but that natural flush on the cheeks is needed, particularly in winter time.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – Sephora, $67 – at a higher price point, this is considered a major splurge for me… but I’m oh-so-glad I did! This new and innovative technology that Hourglass has established helps to ‘capture, diffuse and soften the way light hits your skin’. This results in a softer looking skin, complete with a lit-from-within glow. A must try for anyone needing that extra nod of radiance or any makeup enthusiast – this is a must for your kit!

CTV Morning Live : Brow Trends for 2015

Watch the video:

I was absolutely thrilled when CTV Morning Live contacted me to come and do a segment on brow trends for 2015! Brows are such an important feature – often forgotten and now finally getting some air-time like they deserve ;)

For 2015, there’s a few trends to take note of. First, the more bushy, natural brow, and Cara Delevingne is a great example of that. Secondly, we spoke about the more structured brow – the Kardashian sisters represent this trend well. It’s not the blocky and overdrawn brow we’ve seen in season’s past (I blame Instagram for that!), but a slightly softer approach.

Here’s a list of the products I used:

MAC Eye Brows in Lingering –, $19; a nice, firm self-sharpening pencil that allows you to create realistic, hair-like strokes. Tip – the pencil only winds up, doesn’t wind down. Only twist a little at a time.

Maybelline Brow Drama in Soft Brown – Wal-Mart, $ 10; a great product to tame wild and unruly brows, make them lay flat for a sleek look, or fluff upwards for a fuller look. I like to go one shade lighter than the actual brow, especially if my hair is lighter, has highlights etc.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow in Dark Brown - Sephora, $23; a revolutionary waterproof pomade used to define brows. For best results, I like using the MAC Cosmetics #208 Angle Brow Brush.