EXCITING NEWS - Expanding Across the Country!

Being one of Ottawa's most sought-after makeup teams certainly is a rewarding feeling.

To think - just over 4 years ago, I had this wild and crazy idea to quit my steady and rewarding career to start my own freelance company. Wasn't sure if it was the right choice, but it was a 'sink or swim' situation (and hope to heck I swim!).

Here we are - in year 4.5 and now we are across the country! You can find well trained, incredibly talented artists under the One Fine Beauty Team in not only Ottawa, but also in Kingston, Prince Edward County, Niagara and Vancouver!

I've been so gifted in my life to work with such exceptional makeup artists, but more than that, I work with people who CARE!

They care about their clients and their special day.

They care about their kits, keeping them super clean and having the best products.

They care about their reputation, and that of One Fine Beauty. We will never let you down.

They know they can offer the best service . We are more than just a group of makeup artists. We offer a wonderful experience to our clients' wedding day!


Feel free to check out the new gals profiles -  Marianne (Ottawa), Jordana (Vancouver) and Kathleen (Niagara)

What do you think about Lash Extensions...?

I'm always asked what I think about lash extensions, so I thought I'd bare it all and do a blog post about it. I imagine I may get a bit of flack, but I'm going for it anyways.

I don't like them.

There. I said it. Feels good.

As an artist, I like to be able to control certain situations that I'm in when it comes to a client's makeup. Now, that being said, I am probably one of the most easy-going artists out there. I never really have a 'concrete' idea of what I'll do for any given client, and for a lot of it, I just create as I go. I work with their skin tone and skin type, and I adjust as needed until the desired affect is achieved. 

Imagine working on a project, and being told you can only use a black magic marker for the art portion. Even worse, it's a black permanent marker. Ummm, what? I need to sketch something ever so slightly, do some proper shading and I have the darkest, most indelible tool to work with? No bueno.

Now that may have been dramatic.

Depending on how they are applied, lash extensions can be way too long, way too thick, and at times, really unrealistic. They have a mind of their own and can spin or turn - the worst is when you have a rogue lash that cannot be tamed. It's inevitable that shadow will fall on the lashes as you complete your eye makeup, and the lashes will be forever grey, as it's not recommended to apply regular mascara on them. If you do insist on having them, please purchase the mascara that is compatible with them so that we can tweak them as we need to.

I know that most adhesives are safe for the eye area, as well as the lashes. But keep in mind, an additional lash and adhesive on your own natural lash (and I'm talking 1:1 here), is a lot of stress on your natural fringe. While it's 100% true that our lashes shed naturally, and follow the hair growth cycle like other parts of our bodies, losing lashes and extensions is a lot more obvious. It's like a vicious cycle - they will fall out (or break off), but because the neighbouring lash is amped next to it, the gap it's left is all the more noticeable.

Now, I'm not totally hating on lash extensions - I've seen some absolutely beautiful lashes - thin and wispy, delicate and fluffy looking. If you have your heart set on lash extensions - do it! All I ask is that you do your due diligence with research and choose a certified specialist that works with your natural lash to perfect your look with the least amount of damage possible.

I much prefer working with a client's natural lash and apply a false lash when needed. False lashes have come a long way from when I first started wearing them, and can range from the most natural wispy effects to all out drama. The main concerns we hear from clients is that false lashes can be uncomfortable, or they fear them falling off throughout the day. Both very realistic concerns. But fear not - we are professionals! I've done thousands—yes, thousands—of false lash applications, and can remember a handful of times when a client asked me to remove them. So I'll take that one for the books that it all depends on how they were applied, how long they were, the amount of adhesive used etc.

At One Fine Beauty, most of us stock two types of lashes in our kit that tend to suit most eye shapes - one natural and one slightly more dramatic.

I'll post a few photos of our current selection of lashes, for full info and pricing, visit our False Lashes page!

Basic Lashes

CTV Morning Live : Valentine's Date Night Makeup

Ahhh, love is in the air! It's that time of year where we dust off our finest clothes and head out for a lovely romantic dinner. But what about if you're just heading to a pub and a movie, or a first date at a coffee shop? The makeup you choose to wear should compliment where you are going - if you're heading to Starbucks, you may want to hold off on the glitter (unless, ya really love glitter!). This morning on CTV Morning Live, we discussed the when's and why's of the makeup I chose for three date night looks!

Here is the video : Valentine's Date Night Looks

First model, my lovely Jen - she's on her way to a coffee shop. Cozy, casual and comfortable, but bright lights, so we kept the focus on skin! Especially in the winter months, we need to make sure we pay particular attention to our skin, and feed it full of all the yummy things. For Jen's luminous skin, I used The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation for that radiant glow, and some of the Shade Adjusting Lightening drops to lighten where I needed, as well as to highlight a bit. Next we used Stila Convertible Colour on the cheeks and lips! (note: for the cheeks, use a fluffy blush brush for a super glowy, diffused look).

For Marla, she's going to dinner and a movie! We gave her a slightly smokier eye using our trusty Urban Decay Naked2 palette, and perfected her skin with Fresh Nude Foundation listed above. Kept the cheeks soft and used Meredesso's Lip Treats in Sheer Burgundy for lightweight, buildable colour. Lots of yummy ingredients in this one with sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil and Vitamins C & E. It also doubles as a fantastic primer for matte lipsticks, as there isn't too much slip to it.

For myself (, a model? Not really), I went all out with glitz and glamour! What can I say... it's kinda my style :) Smokey, sultry eye that I topped off with Stila's Magnificent Metals in Kitten, just stamped over my lid to give a twinkly effect. I'm wearing Ardell Demi Wispies (a huge fave of mine!), and MAC Retro Matte lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous. Under the lipstick (which believe me, has pretty incredible wear on it's own), I paired it up with The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain. That way, once my lip colour wears down, I still have something behind it to back it up a bit.


Eyes On MAC - Eyeshadow x 9

On Wednesday night at the Nordstrom Ottawa Gala, I spotted something in their *incredible* makeup department… these itty bitty, beautiful little palettes from MAC! But wait - what are these? I've only ever seen the full sized, 15x palettes! These were out for a sneak peak at the Gala, and officially launched in all stores the next day. So naturally, I popped into MAC on Thursday morning to pick them up ;) ES x 9 At first look, I didn't know which to grab - they come in Amber, Burgundy, Purple & Navy. And at $48CAD each, I should have gotten them all! But, for practicality sake, whether they end up in my kit or for personal use, I ended up with both the Burgundy and Amber palettes, and I must say --- I LOVE THEM! This is the first time in a long time where I've looked at a palette and thought all the colours were very well thought out. Finally, a company comes out with a nice and balanced grouping of colours, regarding both shades and textures.

Here's Burgundy Times Nine palette, listed below are the colours, textures and whether or not they are re-promotes (RP - in the existing line) or limited edition (LE): burgundy open

  • Top row : Honey Lust, lustre - RP; Poppyseed, satin -LE; Quarry, matte - RP
  • Middle row : Antiqued, veluxe pearl - RP; Embark, matte - RP; #Noir, velvet - LE
  • Bottom row : Haux, satin - RP; Star Violet, veluxe pearl - RP; Sketch, velvet - RP

So all in all, there are 7 re-promotes and 2 new colours. The re-promoted colours they've selected, I actually use most often, so I would plough through them in my kit. In that case, this one is a keeper for me, myself and I.


And now here's a look at Amber Times Nine:


  • Top row : Cozy Grey, matte - LE; Kitties, frost - LE; Georgia Peach, matte - LE
  • Middle row : Ricepaper, frost - RP; Creative Copper, lustre - LE; Cork, satin - RP
  • Bottom row : Don't Tell, lustre - RP; Aromatic, matte - LE; Pepper, Please, velvet - LE

In this palette, there are only 2 re-promotes, and the other 7 are brand new! I must say, I adore the top three shades and my only concern, with regards to putting them in my kit, is that I will go through them so quickly. I think the top row of shades are keepers for sure - umm, can we keep those in the permanent line, please?!


Pricing : At $48 CAD, the price point of these sets are quite reasonable, and can rival their competitor, Urban Decay, in the palette world. And if you're an industry professional, and have your PRO card, these are discountable - WIN!


MAC Eyeshadow x 9 = 0.8g each = states the value is $63.00CAD

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - 12 colours = 1.3g each = retails for $64.00CAD


For the value/colour selection/pigment payoff/finish, I do prefer the MAC palettes, as I find the Urban Decay Naked palettes (not Naked Basics) have too many frosted and glitzy textures in them. If you're looking for great bang for your buck, and be able to sample a bunch of colours, the MAC palettes are fantastic. Picking up these two palettes has allowed me to spring clean my own makeup bag, and start the upcoming season with a fresh new outlook with my own makeup!

CTV Morning Live : Brow Trends for 2015

Watch the video:

I was absolutely thrilled when CTV Morning Live contacted me to come and do a segment on brow trends for 2015! Brows are such an important feature – often forgotten and now finally getting some air-time like they deserve ;)

For 2015, there’s a few trends to take note of. First, the more bushy, natural brow, and Cara Delevingne is a great example of that. Secondly, we spoke about the more structured brow – the Kardashian sisters represent this trend well. It’s not the blocky and overdrawn brow we’ve seen in season’s past (I blame Instagram for that!), but a slightly softer approach.

Here’s a list of the products I used:

MAC Eye Brows in Lingering –, $19; a nice, firm self-sharpening pencil that allows you to create realistic, hair-like strokes. Tip – the pencil only winds up, doesn’t wind down. Only twist a little at a time.

Maybelline Brow Drama in Soft Brown – Wal-Mart, $ 10; a great product to tame wild and unruly brows, make them lay flat for a sleek look, or fluff upwards for a fuller look. I like to go one shade lighter than the actual brow, especially if my hair is lighter, has highlights etc.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow in Dark Brown - Sephora, $23; a revolutionary waterproof pomade used to define brows. For best results, I like using the MAC Cosmetics #208 Angle Brow Brush.