Natural Beauty Seminar - Teen Edition

Private lessons and group seminars are easily some of my most requested services - besides weddings of course - and really, no makeup topic is off limits. While some people want to learn all about the glitz and glam of makeup artistry, by far the most popular is our Natural Beauty seminar.

In the Natural Beauty seminar, we cover everything from skin care to basic makeup application, how to turn your perfect day look into a night look, and creating what I call the "5 Minute Face". Everybody has those mornings where you literally have no time… or maybe that's you're regular, daily struggle. There just isn't enough time in the day, let alone morning, to get everything you need to get done, done. There are a few keys products and points I cover to help you put your best face forward to start your day, without sacrificing much time. Don't want you running out the door without your coffee because you spent too much time getting ready. Everyone needs coffee. Especially me.

So when I was asked by a local Stittsville Mom if I could put together a seminar for her daughter Alyssa's 13th birthday, I thought how great! An opportunity to talk to tween and teen girls about the importance of caring for your skin, as well as how to create pretty, effortless polished look. Now, before I get into what we covered for the day, I have to preface this to say that young girls do not need makeup. Let's separate the want from the need right here. In this day and age, our youth is exposed to the unrealistic image of what is expected, what is preferred and what is real, all thanks to the media, social media, celebrities, Instagram, YouTubers etc. The sad truth, in one aspect, is that this is not going to go away. We are in a digital world, and our kids have access to everything (which we all know is not always a good thing). It is our responsibilities as adults and parents to help separate what is realistic and what is not, and to celebrate everything about our children. Let them know what they see online is not real, the photos have been filtered, the bodies have been photoshopped, the blemishes have been airbrushed. What I covered in this topic with teens is the very sensitive reality that its a different world out there now, and I get it. I feel like I'm still able to 'relate' to this generation, as I personally feel like I fall somewhere between this topic myself, having been in the beauty industry for so many years. 

Anyways! Back to our topic! When I arrived, Allison (Alyssa's mom), had setup a great space for me in the living room. I laid out my kit on the table, accessible for the girls to get a closer look at the products. Each girl has their moment to shine in the hot seat, and I set up my Glamcor lighting and mirror to make sure they all received the full experience. Before we started any of that, we had a roundtable discussion where we went through all of their makeup bags, item by item. It didn't take too long, as most of them only had a handful of products, which I was happy to see. We discussed the important topic of expiry dates (always a good refresher, no matter the age), and what could happen from using old products or sharing with your friends. They all received face charts of the look I was going to create, with the products listed and lots of room for note taking. I was happy to see the girls so excited and engaged and really took this whole experience to heart. 

We then talked about skin care - the why's and the how's, and how it's so important to start with basic skin care now (they were all around 13 years old). Nothing fancy, but getting into a routine of basic cleansing and moisturizing, especially with our Canadian winters, can never be started too early. I let them know that not everything they acquire makeup wise needs to come from Sephora or MAC - drugstore products have come a long way from when I was their age. Most of the skin products I used are available at the drugstore, whereas some of the colour cosmetics were MAC, as I find the colour payoff better in the long run. Its okay to mix your products - us pros do it all the time!

Once we finished up our skin care talk, I had the birthday girl take a seat and we started her makeup. I really want to stress that we didn't do makeup-y looks on the girls. We used minimum products that provided maximum results. No one received full foundation, we used Garnier BB Cream instead. BB Creams generally are described as a glorified tinted moisturizer, and they help to provide moisture, even out skin tone, and brighten the skin. I explained that this isn't a everyday necessity, but would be nice for a school dance, or maybe for their school photos (only if Mom approved). The reality is, is that kids are getting inspired from what they see online daily (most of which are insanely heavy makeup applications), and I used this opportunity to show them how they can simply enhance their beauty, and maybe cover a blemish if needed. From there, I don't think anyone needed concealer, as the BB Cream was enough. I had a variety of Garnier BB Creams to show them, but my most favourite formula that I've been recommending for the past two years, is the Skin Renew Combination/Oily version. It works well on ALL skin types (even dry, don't let the name deceive you!). I also brought the Blur formula, as well as the the Acne Control, and helped explain what salicylic acid in this formula would help with acneic or temperamental skin. I brought along Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation, as a medium coverage option, as I think it's one of the best drugstore brands for colour matching. 

A simple swipe of a neutral champagne shimmer shadow graced their lids, and I showed them how to use a dark eyeshadow with an angle brush as a natural liner (put the liquid liner down!). A light coat of mascara just to darken their lashes was all that was needed to complete the eyes. From there, we did a glowy peachy blush on the apples of their cheeks, and a light lipgloss to finish the look. The most popular shaded I used were MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow, MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen and NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée.

All in all, the girls LOVED it, and so did the Moms that were in attendance! Thank you to Allison for capturing the day so wonderfully :)

As we are about in embark on busy wedding season, we will have to slow down the amount of seminars we do, but we may be able to offer them on week nights. If interested, fill in our contact form here, and we will see what we can do!