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Paraben Free    *    Made in Canada *    Hypo-Allergenic 

Allergy Tested  *   Non-Comedogenic  *   Not Tested on Animals

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NB for all Brides : Product orders should be submitted one month before your wedding date,

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packed with the antioxidant vitamin E

contains natural vanillin extract

C - Cream (smooth and creamy); P - Pearlized or Frosted; HG - Hi-gloss (super shiny and glossy, ultra lightweight); 

V - Super soft matte texture; S - Extreme shine




a creamy full coverage long-wear liquid lipstick

high impact matte finish

lightweight texture that will not feather

easy to use click pen applicator

Vinyl Lip Lacquer


between lipgloss and liquid lipstick, infused with maximum staining pigments

weightless, highly pigmented and great colour payoff

non-drying, stay-put finish



slightly tacky texture (designed for long wear)

super pigmented

contains antioxidant vitamin E

contains natural vanillin extract

stays on longer than any other lipgloss and retains its colour

C - Cream (smooth and creamy); P - Pearlized or Frosted


Lip Glaze Lipgloss


no tacky feel - hi shine gloss only

extremely lightweight texture

natural vanillin extract flavour

glides on sheer and glossy

lighter than our original Glossware formula


Lip Pencils


manufactured in Germany

soft creamy kohl formula

hypo-allergenic formula is perfect for sensitive lips


Matte Perfection Touch Up Veil


Our dream product!! This incredible product totally illuminates your complexion... A serious wakeup call for tired eyes, as it helps to keep the under eye area looking bright eyed and awake!

Not just a concealer, our Matte Perfection Touch Up Veil is beautiful lightweight, water resistant, long-wearing highlighter with a matte finish. 

Shades N2, N25, N10 and C25 are skin tone shades, and help to correct and conceal flawlessly.

The ‘Brightener’ shade is a pink/peach base tone, and helps to neutralizes under eye darkness in fair skin tones. You may or may not need to use an additional concealer - try it with and without to see what works for you!

Translucent Pressed Powder


*this product is intended to be used with a brush (not included)

removes oil and shine without any buildup

totally translucent

blots oil without cakiness

weightless and invisible

will not settle into fine lines 




What are Esqido Lashes?

Esqido Lashes are simply the world's most comfortable false lashes! Made from 100% ethically sourced, naturally shed genuine mink fur, they are unbelievably natural looking, and virtually indistinguishable from natural human lashes. 

What makes them so different than a regular false lash?

Every strand is individually hand placed to an exact pattern, on a flexible cotton band making them lightweight and comfortable to wear. Also, they are much easier to self-apply because of the band as well.

Why are they more expensive than other false lash options?

First, it is because they are meticulously hand crafted with natural fibres. With proper care, your Esqido false lashes can last up to 25 uses, therefore offering you greater value for your money compared to disposable synthetic lashes.



*Please note - Esqido Lashes are an upgrade to your service and package price. Esqido Lashes are not included in any prices or packages; a pair of Basic Lashes are included in the Bridal Makeup pricing.
All Esqido Lashes must be ordered in advance, at your bridal trial for use on your wedding day.

SHIPPING RATES (within Canada):

Local Pickup (in Stittsville) - always an option for any purchase! - FREE

Expedited Shipping for orders up to $50 (pre-tax) - $10.00

Expedited Shipping for orders between $50-$99 (pre-tax) - $8.00

Expedited Shipping for orders over $100.00 - FREE!


We've heard it all before - makeup application will only look as good as the skin is prepared beneath it! While we do our best to make all of our clients look as naturally flawless as we can, sometimes we need a bit of extra help.

This is where our good friend, and long time makeup artist (umm...30+ years!) comes in.

Sonia's spent most of her career making other's look and feel wonderful, but now her focus is on how we can do it ourselves, with her incredibly innovative product development!


SexApeel Instant Exfoliation Spray is the quickest and gentlest way to remove dead skin cells, and allow your skin to be it's natural and glowy self. Formulated with the best in Korea, this spray will have you looking refreshed and brighter in your first application!

Order directly clicking the image below.

$40.00 USD for 300ml


Water Balm Skin Prep is another of Sonia's innovative skin prep products - one that I use daily! As an all-in-one product (and let me tell you - it IS!), this incredible jar of moisturizer is pretty much a jar of unicorn tears - lol!

Described as a toner, serum, day cream, night cream, eye cream and makeup primer, this is the best for anyone looking to shorten their morning routine, nighttime routine, add to their PRO kit... anyone can benefit from this amazing little jar!

$48.00 USD for 2.11 ounces

Please note - all of Sonia Roselli's products ship directly from her studio in Chicago, IL, USA. Therefore, import duties, shipping and all additional fees are the sole responsibility of the consumer, and not One Fine Beauty, Inc. These are product recommendations based on our usage and love of the products.

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